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Download presentations from our Bioscience Careers Day 2017 speakers

Planning your Career - Sue Mosely, King's College London

CV Workshop - Sue Mosely, King's College London

Panel discussion: business - Dr Annie Cardew, Quintiles IMS

Panel discussion: publishing - Tom Ireland, Royal Society of Biology

Panel discussion: marketing - Dr Jennie Evans, British Society for Immunology

Careers in Clinical Science - Rebecca Tibbs, Viapath at King's College Hospital

Careers in Science Policy - Dr Eva Sharpe, The Institute of Cancer Research

Careers in Research: academia - Dr Ruth Nottingham, The University of Nottingham

Careers in Research: industry - Dr Amy Prosser, Sygnature Discovery Limited

Careers in Teaching - Melissa Glackin, King's College London

Careers in the Field - Dr Natasha de Vere, National Botanic Garden of Wales

Careers in Science Communication - Dr Rebecca Nesbit, Nobel Media

A selection of useful presentations from our previous careers events

Planning your career

Planning your careers - Janet Turner, Staffordshire University

CV workshop - Janet Turner, Staffordshire University

Planning your career - Amy Horne, University of Birmingham

CV workshop - University of Birmingham


Careers in industry - Dr Jon Day, Society of Biology

Career pathways in industry - Dr Mark Christie, Kings College London

Academia and postgraduate study

Careers in academic research - Dr Rob Hardwick, BBSRC

Career pathways in academic research - Dr Simon Cuttler, BBSRC

Postgraduate study options - Dr Jeff Newman, Cranfield University

Science communication

Careers in science communication - Sarah Blackford

Careers in science communication - Alexa Hime, Biochemical Society

Managing online presence - Emma Knott, Kaizo PR

Careers in science communication - Dr Lindsay Flook

Careers in science communication - Dr Robert Jackson, Keele University


Careers in the environmental sector - Dr Graham Hopkins, The Ecology Consultancy

Careers in the Environmental Sector - Sasha Dosworth, The Ecology Consultancy

Teaching and outreach

Careers in teaching - Liz Parker-Berry, Durham University

Careers in learning, teaching and outreach - Dr Amanda Hardy, Royal Society of Biology

Biomedical sciences and clinical science

Biomedical and clinical science careers - Mike Carter, Health Protection Agency Colindale

Careers in biomedical science - Sean Frost, London Metropolitan University

Innovation and patent law

Scientific innovation - what is it? - Ellie Purnell, Appleyard Lees

Scientific innovation - what is it? - Simon Bradbury, Appleyard Lees

Scientific innovation - what is it? - James Myatt, Appleyard Lees

Careers in patent law - Robert Andrews - Mewburn Ellis

Science policy

Careers in science policy - Mark Downs, Royal Society of Biology

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